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The Climate Pledge Collection - Jen Ament

Inspired by the intersection of humanity, nature, and technology. Designed by local artists and makers from the Pacific Northwest. Items from The Climate Pledge Collection are made from sustainable materials and locally sourced. Net proceeds benefit One Roof Foundation’s Environmental Justice Pillar, helping ensure that all youth have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and clean and safe places to gather and play. To learn more, visit OneRoofFoundation.org 


Jen Ament is a multi-media artist working in printmaking, painting, and mural commissions. She creates surreal and immersive images based on the exploration of our perceived realities. Jen’s work continuously evolves as she voices concerns via art that are relevant to society at large. Jen’s prints and paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States including Seattle Art Fair, Pulse Miami, and Out of Sight. Some of her notable clients are Hermes, Starbucks, Meta, The Showbox, La Dive, Thompson Seattle, Hotel Sorrento, and Grand Coeur Wines. Jen has permanent collections at several luxury residences, well-known restaurants, and Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport. She has created custom murals throughout Seattle for beloved businesses and music venues. Jen’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Seattle Magazine, City Arts, Gray Magazine, Luxe Magazine, and numerous online publications. 


My art explores the confluence of the reality happening around us and the illusions and stories we create as we move through life; we often shape our perceptions based on what we want to see. This can be heightened by current events as well as our own struggles, sense of self-worth, and the expectations laid at our feet. 

Much of our journey involves exploring and coming to terms with some of the deepest and darkest parts of our world and ourselves. My art encourages exploration of the light and dark, not turning away from reality but seeing it in order to grow and evolve. We construct stories of how life should go, a planned straight line of predefined actions that promise success and happiness. What we get is a series of ups and downs that are exacerbated by the pain and injustice apparent around us.  

But joy and hope are not lost; they are also around us, in the time we enjoy with family, the laughter among friends, and the moments of normalcy that we take for granted. Living completely is a gift, to experience the waves of what makes us happy while we keep bringing progress to our communities and society at large.