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Seattle Kraken Lunar New Year Tee


This item is on backorder. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

The Seattle Kraken and One Roof Foundation are proud to celebrate Lunar New Year Night with specialty merchandise line featuring the work of local artist Juliana Kang-Robinson.

Juliana was born in South Korea; she received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work can be found in collections nationally and internationally. Past projects include an artist residency with COCA, The Women’s Studio Workshop, as well as exhibitions at the Euphrat Museum, the Asian American Women Artists Association, Diaspora Vibe Gallery, the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, and Method Gallery. Juliana has completed several public art projects including, Along Together, a series of pictorial street signs and crosswalk paintings. 

Juliana drew inspiration from the dragons in Korean art from the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910). She loved that the dragons in Eastern culture—particularly Korea and China—were viewed as auspicious and benevolent bringers of rain and clouds, inferring prosperity, power, and protection.   

The overall lettering aesthetic and pattern is inspired by a traditional Korean color motif called the Obaengsaek (오방색) consisting of black, white, yellow, red and blue used in Buddhist temples as a way of warding off evil and inviting prosperity.