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Seattle Kraken Indigenous Peoples Night Tee


The Seattle Kraken and One Roof Foundation are proud to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Night with this merchandise line featuring the work of local artist Bethany Fackrell. 

Bethany is a current Snoqualmie Indian Tribe member and is a Navy Veteran. Her art uses traditional Coast Salish patterns in a contemporary way to bring light to her culture. Her art offers teachings, stories, and real experiences from her involvement with the Tribe. As a member of the Snoqualmie Tribe Color Guard, she has a passion for participating in community ceremonies, gatherings, meetings, and harvests.  

Bethany’s design was created to honor and respect the native children who never made it home, who survived, and the families that were affected by boarding schools. This artwork was created with thoughts and intention of healing and references the story of the Snoqualmie people’s creation. 

A portion of the proceeds will benefit One Roof Foundation.