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Seattle Kraken Black Hockey History Night Puck



The Seattle Kraken and One Roof Foundation are proud to celebrate Black Hockey History Night with a specialty merchandise line featuring the work of local artist Barry Johnson.

Barry was inspired by the Colored Hockey League and its core founding tenants - providing space for Black men to share space, worship, and build together - leading to the fight for identity and inclusion in hockey over the years.

Barry adapted to "S" logo to include the Pan African Flag colors. The secondary logo connects the anchor with a peace sign to represent love, equality for all, and non-violence in the face of inequity and civil rights issues.

The symbols and colors all tie together to tell a story about fighting oppression and racism. This calls back to the Afro-Canadians who built the foundation for the CHL back in 1895 and reminds people today to continue to fight for the rights of future generations.