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Seattle Kraken 2024 Women In Hockey Night Tee


The Seattle Kraken and One Roof Foundation are proud to celebrate Women in Hockey Night pres. by Starbucks with a specialty merchandise line featuring the work of Alaskan artist Allie Spurlock.

Allie grew up in Washington State and moved to Alaska to commercially fish. Art has been a lifelong work in progress for her, and she’s taken advantage of every opportunity to get better and learn new skills. Allie loves making art that reflects life in the fishing town she lives in and the wildlife nearby.   

Allie loves to create big one-of-a-kind pieces out of items that reflect the Alaskan Island lifestyle. She is inspired by creating art out of things that have outlived their original purpose. As a person who works in commercial fishing, Allie’s primary logo design draws inspiration from what she was surrounded by daily. She’s inspired by the beauty, detail, mystery, and toughness of sea creatures. These designs represent the intertwined beauty and toughness of hockey, as well as an artistic take on women having a place in tough and competitive worlds like hockey and fishing.