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Seattle Kraken HIFE 2022-23 Women In Hockey Crewneck


As a Capitol Hill resident these days who was born and raised in the Central District, Erin Wallace brings love of the “lush beauty” of the city and a self-described “art nerd” childhood for perspective on imagining the design for “Women in Hockey” night March 7 against visiting Anaheim.

These “art nerd” days cultivated an illustrator who “plays with the contrast of organic shapes and bold graphic values” and clearly loves color combinations in her work.  

For the jersey, Wallace found inspiration in Sanrio characters and stationery and stickers found in Uwajimaya stores. For numbering and lettering, she “leaned into patterns found in plants and animals” while devising an abstraction of the spots and stripes often serving as camouflage in the wilderness. Color preview: Wallace will be using two blues from the Kraken brand and “transitioning” the “Red Alert” Kraken eye into an “autumnal orange.”